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Jill Miller Fitness 


Get to know us

Participating at Jill Miller’s Fitness Studio is not just about shedding those extra pounds; it’s about fighting those real risks that being overweight poses to us. Together we can save ourselves! Through fitness and proper nutrition we can eliminate high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.

Jill Miller

Owner and Lead Instructor

I have been a personal trainer and fitness instructor in Atlanta, Georgia for 21 years. I specialize in total body training, cardio kickboxing, and abdominal training, however, I am also certified in step, kickboxing, and personal training. I believe in balance, so I incorporate cardio and strength training in every workout session.

I truly enjoy training adults and youth! I am committed to promoting overall health and wellness by educating my clients during training sessions and wellness workshops.

When you join me at my studio, you will become a member of something exciting, life-altering, and tremendously beneficial not only to you but to others in your family. I am proud to say my clients realize that teamwork makes a dream work. We want lasting results so we support each other to make sure we all reach our full potential.

Join me at my fitness studio and make the commitment to living a healthy life. It’s time for you to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. There is no one in a better position to take control of your health destiny than YOU!!

Glen Miller.jpg

Glenn Miller

Fitness Trainer

As a believer in holistic wellness, Glenn began researching about natural health and wellness. He explored natural minerals and foods that would help aid the body in the healing process. By switching to a raw diet and creating his own raw juice formulas, he began repairing the damage from radiation treatments. The importance of overall wellness for everyone became our number one goal. 

Glenn is not only a Fitness Trainer at Jill Miller Fitness Studio but also the owner and creator of various holistic products that you can find at One Life Juice Wellness Center. 

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